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Welcome to the Student Resources Page of the DIII-D Fusion Energy Education Group. This page serves as a link to many of the educational materials that we have developed for classroom instructional use.

Much of the educational material we have developed can be previewed here on the Web. There is a lot of cool stuff that can be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat PDF files and printed on your local printer. Other Resources can be previewed here and sent to you by snail mail.

  • DIII-D Facility Tours

  • Scientist in the Classroom
    Scientist in the Classroom (SIC) is a General Atomics Education program that brings a science professional and plasma physics demonstration equipment to the classroom to give students a hands-on experience of plasma and some of its characteristics.

  • Presentations
    Download and view fusion presentations.

  • Slide Show
    View, download, and print the online version of a slideshow introducing  the key concepts of Fusion Energy Science Research.

  • Links to other Web Sites on Fusion Science
    We are trying to maintain an up-to-date set of links to other great web sights that provide resources for science educators.