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Scientist in the Classroom (SIC) is a General Atomics Fusion Education program that brings a science professional and plasma physics demonstration equipment to the classroom to give students a hands-on experience of plasma and some of its characteristics. The program allows physicists, engineers, and technicians to share their experience and knowledge with students during a classroom visit. The topics presented are related to plasma physics and fusion technology and include discussions of fusion energy research status, environmental issues, magnetism and electricity...and more. There is no cost for this program, but the number of opportunities is limited. Reserve your date now!

Plasma Science Topics are Aligned
with Fundamental Education Standards

  • Matter and its building blocks: proton, electron, and neutron

  • Electrical charge and electrical character of materials

  • Magnets and magnetic fields and their behavior and
    interaction with charges

  • Extreme temperatures and their effects on different states of matter

  • Electromagnetic spectrum from DC to X-rays

  • Barometric pressure and vacuum

  • Density effects on molecular mean free path in gases

  • Different forms and transformations of energy

Please contact SIC Coordinator, Rick Lee for more information or to sign up