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General Atomics


Energy Group Mission
General Atomics is committed to developing innovative nuclear energy solutions to meet global needs. We are focused on the fundamental theoretical research needed for sustainable, alternative technologies that are safe and economical through improved performance. And with over 50 years of experience, we play an important role in nuclear research and scientific discovery.

Education & Outreach Goal
It is the goal of the Fusion Education and Outreach Program to educate students, teachers, and parents on the science, technology, engineering and math (“STEM”) elements that support fusion energy research and development.

Education & Outreach Objectives
The Energy Group’s Fusion Education and Outreach Program has two objectives. First, we are dedicated to assisting educators in the teaching of science (especially gaseous plasma science and fusion science) in their classrooms. Second, we are committed to helping students learn about plasma and its applications and how these age-old natural processes are being used today and will be used tomorrow. General Atomics promotes abundant interaction among scientists, engineers, teachers, and students, including hands-on activities to foster a deepened level of understanding.

We collaborate with educators in the teaching of fusion and
plasma science and technology by:

  • Providing interactive workshops that stress
    plasma physics and fusion science
  • Providing content-rich materials in paper, electronic,
    CD, and video formats
  • Being available to teachers for discussions over the
    phone or via email
  • Providing enthusiastic scientists, engineers, or university students who can visit the teacher’s classroom and present exciting and engaging plasma physics demonstrations to their students
  • Offering DIII-D National Fusion Facility tours for their students

We can help students in their learning of fusion and plasma science by:

  • Providing engaging CD-ROM based learning activities
    found in STARPOWER
  • Answering questions of a technical nature through our Ask the Wizard feature
  • Providing fun learning activities such as crossword puzzles, games, and articles written expressly with the student in mind.
  • Providing guidance in science fair projects that explore or demonstrate some fundamental aspect of plasma or fusion science
  • Offering interactive DIII-D National Fusion Facility tours

We can provide this program at no cost to you through a grant from the US Fusion Energy Sciences Office of the Department of Energy (US DOE/OFES) and support from General Atomics. We look forward to working with you in teaching and learning the fascinating science and technology of gaseous plasmas and fusion.