what is fusion

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  Nature’s Fundamental Energy Source (51 MB MPG4)
  STAR POWER Science Film (1.7 MB QuickTtime)
  Fusion Animation by UKAEA (2.9 MB QuickTime)
  Small Scale Laboratory Demonstration (356 KB QuickTime)
  Pancake Coil Launch of Soda Can (4.7 MB WMV)
  New Discoveries in Our Galaxy, Courtesy NASA (6.6 MB MP4)
  Ferocious Sunspot Activity Shows Contorted Magnetic Field Structure, Courtesy NASA (540 KB MP4)
  Plasma Ignition in the Tore Supra Tokamak, EURATOM-CEA (6.8 MB MPG)
  Star Power Interactive Game
  Virtual DIII–D Tokamak
  Fusion and DIII-D Presentation
  Magnetic Levitation Instructions