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It is the year 2020 and you will be starting up the STate-of-the-Art Reactor (STAR2020). The inhabitants of FUSION CITY are expecting at least 1000 Mega-Watts (MW) of electricity from STAR2020 to power their city. However, if you are a good operator, you can push STAR2020 well beyond this level without exceeding its operational limits.

[B Field]- [Power] -[Fuel] - [Density] -[Pressure] -[Shape] -[Boundary] Detailed Instructions

Quick Start
Welcome to star2020 Fusion Power Plant. The goal is to power Fusion City you must exceed 1000 mw. Good Luck, For those of you rocket scientists who want to get right into plant startup, here is a quick start:

Step 1: Increase the Magnetic Field Strength (B-field) to its highest value. 
Step 2: Using the four magnet controls (slider bars) around the plasma chamber, produce a plasma shape which: (1) has a large cross sectional area, (2) looks D-shaped, & (3) doesn't touch the chamber walls (diverted in Boundary bar).
Step 3: Increase the auxiliary heating (Power) and D/T fueling (Fuel) to some moderate values close to their maximum without exceeding plasma Density and Pressure limits (<100%).
Step 3: Once the plasma is hot (ignited) and you are producing moderate electrical energy, reduce the auxiliary heating to zero.
Step 4: Modify all controls until you maximize the electric Power Output. You should be able to achieve 1000MW.

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