Science Teachers Day for Middle
and High School Teachers


information about plasma science and fusion energy to your classrooms. Science Teachers Day, October 28, 2014 provides an opportunity to attend specialized talks and workshops, to interact with well-known plasma physicists, and to gather complimentary resource materials for your school.


to satisfy Louisiana academic standards. Learn from members of national laboratories, universities and industry how you can use the topic of plasmas in your current curriculum to satisfy state and national science standards. During Science Teachers Day and the Plasma Sciences Expo, national and international plasma research scientists share their knowledge and enthusiasm for science with teachers and students.


your classes about new areas of technology and research using curriculum materials and demonstrations provided.

Sponsored by the
American Physical Society - Division of Plasma Physics
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Where we have been and where we are going?
The program is typically held at the Fall meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society. The locations are varied and include:

• Denver, CO (1996)

• Denver, CO (2005)

• Pittsburgh, PA (1997)

• Philadelphia, PA (2006)

• Washington, DC (1998)

• Orlando, FL (2007)

• New Orleans, LA (1998)

• Dallas, TX (2008)

• Seattle, WA (1999)

• Atlanta, GA (2009)

• Quebec, Canada (2000)

• Chicago, IL (2010)

• Long Beach, CA (2001)

• Salt Lake City, UT (2011)

• Orlando, FL (2002) • Providence, RI, (2012)
• Albuquerque, NM (2003) • Denver, CO (2013)
• Savannah, GA (2004) • New Orleans, LA (2014)