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Fusion Group Educational Outreach Program

Curriculum Developed By:

Don Mathiowetz, Teacher, Granite Hills H.S.
Pete Taylor, General Atomics

Data Acquisition
Jim Broesch, General Atomics
Kathy Greene, General Atomics

Engineering Design
Tom Northrop, Teacher, Hoover H.S.
Steve Skinner, General Atomics
Steve Visser, General Atomics

Inertial Confinement Fusion
Larry Steinbrecher, Teacher, Mira Mesa H.S.
Ken Shultz, General Atomics
Rich Stephens, General Atomics

Plasma and Fusion
Steve Rodecker, Teacher, Sweetwater District Office
Alex Nagy, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory at General Atomics
Jim Leuer, General Atomics

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Lori Pina, Teacher, Roosevelt Jr. High
Rick Lee, General Atomics

Additional contributions by: Chuck Greenfield. Mike Schaffer, Dan Finkenthal and Dave Schissel

Created and edited by: General Atomics Fusion Educational Outreach Team

This work was made possible by volunteer and corporate support from General Atomics, by teachers from local area schools, and by the U.S. Department of Energy grant DE-FG02-99ER54522.