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Suggested assignments for students after visiting the DIII-D National Fusion Facility
Reinforcement of new ideas is needed by most people to better able them to make meaningful connections.  For students, getting extra points for doing something cool doesn't hurt, either.  Here are some ways students might use to help their brain reinforce some aspect of the DIII-D Facility tour they found particularly interesting.

Prepare a poster having the following topics:

  • History and future of electricity production.
  • What is the evidence for fusion in stars?
  • Environmental impact using fusion as a source of electricity production on earth Compare and contrast fusion processes in our sun and on earth for electricity production

Prepare a calendar using:

  • Original drawings of the tokamak
  • Equations (eg. E=mc2)
  • Photographs taken during the tour
  • Other topics in plasma and fusion science (atomic structure, light emission, magnetic field confinement of charged particles, etc.).

Prepare a board game or cross word puzzle with one or more of the following themes Fusion energy;

  • Pros and cons
  • Environmental hazards of energy production
  • How do we address increasing energy requirements for an increasing world population?

Make a Power Point (or similar) slide show